Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Last post of 2010...

The snow is finally starting to thaw so the inches of ice on the highways and byways are starting to trickle away.  Was looking forward to a ride this week so see out the year on a positive note but I've had a stinking cold-probably because of playing with my nephew and niece at Christmas-so trying to heal up as much as possible before attempting a 100km run on Sunday, so will have to settle for that.

Between Christmas visiting obligations and being sick I've not been on the turbo for 5 days now which is really bothering me, but nothing to be done until I can breathe better at least!  I've got so much to do in readiness for moving to London that I should be focusing on that anyway-the logistics in themselves are a pain as I don't have a car so will be micro-packing to go by train, probably posting bulky things like my bikes and maybe by turbo which is perhaps too decrepit to merit the effort.  I have managed to keep the weight loss stable if not continued it-I'm just reassured that my metabolism still retains the fire to shift the mass as quickly and on demand as it's been a fairly stagnant 2 years with cubicle fever, bad diet and general malaise undoing what used to be a pretty athletic constitution.   I have no doubt that saying goodbye to Glasgow will also banish that bad influence though, and by the time I skinny down to my optimum 63kg I'll have saved up enough dosh to splurge out on a new carbon steed to carry me up the Alpe!

I'm taking my Flying Scot fixed gear for getting around town and also my Mercian Professional-built in 1984 and bar a few small dings, going strong and replete with 1st Gen Chorus groupset (and some 8spd Sti's for the sake of modernity) so that in itself is a lot of cargo, but then there's the tools and spares that I'll be carting down too... aahhh.   Getting excited but nervous...  hope I find some nice runs down there that will be quiet enough to actually enjoy training on-I look at the map and just see endless cris-crossing A-roads and built up areas.  The irony of having lusted to get away from Glasgow and Scotland and its endless green spaces for the last year and upon the brink of departure suddenly regretting it for the sake of the Etape!  Still, London won't be forever and the possibility of doing an intern in Montpellier for 3 months remains an attractive one.  Vivant la vie francaise...

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