Friday, 21 January 2011

London Calling

Mon dieu...  Londres!

2 Weeks in and it's been a rough ride-done sweet f-a training-wise since arrival, mostly through lack of bikes due to Parcel2Disorganised2Bother messing up the collection 3 times....

Unimpressed, stressed and busy would be the 3 words to describe my experience so far as I get to grips with new job, finding a flat, and negotiating the city but I've finally got my bikes and will be putting them back together tonight with a view of getting up bright and early tomorrow, braving the insanity of London traffic and going out for as punishing a ride as I can manage....  Essex?  Flat as a pancake as far as I can discover so far but it will have to do for the moment! 

Is it totally ridiculous to be on the first step of a new life, new city, and getting hourly more stressed out and frustrated because-out of all the things going on, demanding my time, energy and attentions-I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO RIDE MY BIKE! 

But that's ok... tomorrow... thermals on, bike prepped, Garmin fiddled with, maps loaded, off I trot...

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