Saturday, 4 December 2010


Metaphorical potholes that is, it's still too icy to go out in a 4x4 let alone put my trust in skinny tyres and skinnier legs!

The latter half of the week has been a bit of derailment in training terms-potential work generating social engagements which I would have preferred to avoid for the sake of discipline took over, and although I have been remarkably dedicated in terms of food (I haven't eaten chocolate, cake, crisps, any junk since I put my name down for the Etape!) my alcohol intake has been lamentably high (read atrociously debauched).

Now, there is a sliver lining here as I have secured gainful employment as a result, starting January, which somewhat justifies the excess wine, whiskey macs and sambuca (not one Guiness!) of the last three days, and also provides me with the means to fund the cyclo-tourism (the last few days suggest it's cyclo-boorism I'm training for...) later in the year.    BUT.

The job is in London's famous London.  No hills.  Loads more traffic to contend with.  Lots of lifestyle changes to deal with in general not to mention starting a new job.  This adds a different dimension to training that I had been expecting but I'll have to be more committed than ever I suppose, with lots of weekenders to find suitably high altitude places to train my legs.  To this end I have agreed to ride in the Skye Mor challenge on the 28th May-a 90 miler up on the glorious but challenging Isle of Skye, as well as riding the Etape Caledonia for Macmillan Cancer Support on the 15th of May so the agenda is getting more fulsome with impetus/fear giving targets to make sure I'm getting the miles and the practice in before the Etape.

Another positive event of late is that the lovely people at have asked me to write a weekly blog entry for them describing the journey into the world of sportive riding with all that this entails for a relative newcomer.  This being my first ever attempt at blogging/writing it is a scary prospect in itself but I'm sure it will also be very valuable in focusing the mind, providing motivation to keep my training on track and will hopefully also mean I'll be getting lots of tips, advice and encouragement from some of the more experienced riders on the forum!

So, everything is taking off, happening at once, and if I were to believe in omens I could say its all the good karma thats come from chucking myself at the Etape!  Lets hope it continues anyway!

#slinks off to turbo trainer#

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