Saturday, 4 June 2011

Un Sang d'Aquarelle...

No posts of late, for obvious reasons...

The past month has been pretty shite to say the least so I've neglected any blogging duties in preference of skirting the issue.

The issue being my back is still pretty fucked, I've missed over a month of training and 4 organised Etape prep rides, including the Etape Caledonia, and am generally feeling pretty pissed off and depressed about the whole affair so have avoided thinking about it.

I'm only now starting to feel a bit more mobile and have been getting physio on my back to get to the root of the problem...  which is already helping and by necessity and with the gift of painkillers I've started back at work too.  So training-wise I have attempted not much more than a few hours on the turbo and a 10 min commute, both of which left my back feeling pretty grumpy.

As far as the police go I've heard very little-I had to send them my statement via recorded delivery to even elicit a reply to my voicemails and calls, and was then told the BMW driving fuck-pole that ran me down will be getting charged with Careless driving instead of Dangerous.  'oops, sorry I almost killed you there because I'm an impatient arrogant phallus and drove my one ton autmobile into you at 30mph+ that was most careless of me, wasn't it?'  Can't see I appreciate the finer shades of the legalities on this one but I'm sure Britain's brightest and best have their own keen instincts that they are following.

£150 fine and a few points will inevitably be the order of the day of course.  Meanwhile me, my bike and my Etape dreams are in splinters.  Great job!


I need to let go and just get on with things really... I've sorted myself out with some new wheels and frame and will hopefully build back into riding over summer.  As far as legal stuff goes I've instructed a lawyer and will wait to see if the c-nut responsible will accept liability to let me get this settled sooner.  Financially I'm totally rinsed now so even if I was fit enough I wouldn't even have the cash to do the Etape so there's not even much choice there any more, but as it is I think it would be wholly unrealistic to think I can get better and also be in good enough condition for an 8 hour bike ride over 3 alpine peaks.

Maybe I'll arrange something for the end of August and go do some riding in the Alps without 6000-odd other guys there blocking the road?

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