Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Not much to report cycling-wise... I still haven't even seen my lovely new bike since the accident. I'm told it's a write-off.

Been cooped up in the house over both bank holiday weekends and missing 2 weeks of work-I'm freelance so that is setting me back quite a lot, so I'll be back on the vintage steel till the insurance is resolved.

Physically, the bruises and scrapes are healing but my back feels terrible, I was still really concussed even a week after the accident and most disconcerting of all, am getting what the doctor calls 'displaced pain' originating from my back and pelvis manifesting in my left testicle.  Yup.  It really hurts and is very scary.

Apart from this I'm feeling really disconsolate-this could be the concussion or it could just be not being able to get out on my bike, being cooped up in the flat all day, and the prospect of several more weeks missed training for the Etape.  Either way I'm trying to focus on the positives but its easier said than done... I haven't even heard back from the police yet which, over a week on and after several messages left, is really just adding insult to injury (literally).

So far I've missed 2 sportive training events and haven't turned a crank in anger for too long...  This isn't what was planned.  Etape Caledonia in less than 2 weeks... Hoping I can make it.

How do you turn being smashed by a car into a positive?

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