Friday, 11 February 2011

To Go To France or Not To Go To France, That IS The Question...

Been offered a place on a 3 month, European funded program that would take me to Alles in the South of France..

I've only just got settled in London.  I have a possibility of a well paid job here...  My gf is here and we've just found a flat, moved in and decorated.

If I go to France, I have to re-settle and won't know what my position actually is until I get there, nor where I am staying, and financially, it will be a stretch as it only gives me a 600euro fee for the 3 months.

On the other hand, I get to cycle on lovely quiet French roads for 3 months, representing pretty ideal Etape training, can improve my language skills and potentially meet some good folks and put something good on my CV that would hold me in good stead for working there in the future.

Humm.  I need to make up my mind by Monday too...  what to do?

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  1. Hi GG
    Good to read this, maybe see my 2008 Etape blog for a similar experience - Living in the Pyrenees certainly helps with training for the cols.
    Bon courage