Saturday, 19 February 2011

Definitely Not Living La Vie Francaise Today...

Alarm set for 6.30 a.m to go out on a club run with Dulwich Paragon today like I did last weekend for my first experience of club riding which was great and settled my nerves about riding in a bunch as well as getting some new knowledge of local routes and meeting some nice folk...  Today however is torrential rain.  Grey skies. I don't even have a proper rain jacket at the moment, nor mudguards that fit on the training bike as the clearances are too close...  So I went back to sleep and now I'm slightly annoyed at myself.  

Still, a 70 mile run tomorrow-weather permitting of course.  I must say it has made turning down the opportunity to go to France for 3 months a bit regretful!  Ultimately it just didn't make sense... aside from avoiding responsibilities outside cycling in the 'real' world for a bit longer to focus on training.

I have taken delivery of a beautiful, high tech new turbo this week though thanks to the kind chaps at who I've been keeping up to date on my progress with a weekly blog article, and this has been in use every day this week doing intervals and long high-tempo sessions that seem to be pushing my metabolism through the roof as I am ravenously hungry 24/7...  Trying to keep control of what I'm eating to maintain a gradual weight loss though-I'm still aiming for an ambitious 63kg come July and I'm confident I can make it as long as I avoid slips like Thursday night where I ate a massive pizza and drank enough for the whole weekend.

This is an isolated incident and I have no plans to go anywhere but bed tonight so I can go to Leatherhead tomorrow morning and do a reccy of the Spring Onion Sportive route-which I'm doing proper on the 13th of March, featuring some 1600m climbing over 70miles so not to be scoffed at.

Climbing performance so far leaves me feeling scared.  Climbing like an arthritic spider would be the best description...  Still, no pain, no gain so I'll be mashing up the sloped tomorrow like a wounded buffalo if needs be.

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